About Tracy

Hello there & welcome to my blog!  I am honored and thankful that you would take the time to visit me in this space.

I am a single mother of two children (10 & 12) and in 2011 I lost my husband to a Glioblastoma – or brain tumor, for short.  He was 43.  Within a year of diagnosis, he was gone, and the death left me and the kids reeling, as he was my soulmate and partner with whom I had planned on living a very long life.  He was a wonderful man who left quite an empty space in my heart and our lives when he got called home that warm May evening.  However, I know that his wishes for me and our family were (and continue to be) to carry on and find the good in all that remains, and most of all….to keep living.

Since his death, my writings have become more frequent and have been a great source of therapy (for lack of a better term).  Having been a Journalism major at Indiana University Bloomington, I’ve long known my passion was, and is, to write (however, please excuse my creative journalistic ways and multiple editing faults!).  At the time, I was more working toward writing a book, or for a magazine or perhaps a newspaper.  I certainly didn’t know that I would be opening up to all of you specifically on this type of topic!  But, I am glad for the transition to this medium as it will allow me, and others, to write, share and react to many issues easily – not all of which will be death or loss related, I’m sure.

So, please consider this site one that you can visit weekly or monthly or just drop in once in awhile – I would love it to be an organic experience for all of us.  I will write when I feel like there is something of interest to share, and would love to hear from you when things make sense, strike a chord or fit into your life somehow – please also feel free to ask questions or request topics for discussion. Even though this blog’s title suggests the content will only appeal to those of us who have lost significant others, in time, I would like this blog to mature in scope, where we will have many conversations about all sorts of diverse and varied topics!

No matter how you got here, I am so glad you came to visit – even if just for a moment. Hope you enjoy these little musings as much as I have taken joy in writing them. Thanks for stopping by…and now….let’s get started!